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Delta Electronics

Job Description

Delta D-Bot Cobot integration with Delta ToF camera for sort & place demo kit.
With the latest Delta product release in Industrial Automation: the D-Bots, we are looking forward to providing reliable solutions that integrate the versatility of cobots with the robustness of our ToF cameras.
During your internship, you will be developing a sorting application demo kit to showcase the integration of point-cloud camera technology with cobots and the practical use of such an application.
Your task is to develop a library/API that can be used as a bridge between the camera and other products, then prove its functionality by implementing it in a sort & place application with one of our cobots.

Design and Implementation Of Field Application Solution for D-Bot Sort & Place
System Design:
•The camera and cobot are set up in an eye-in-hand configuration.
•The cobot can be controlled via already existing Python API
•Programming language for the camera library/API is your choice. Both C/C++ and Python are accepted as long as a bridge between C/C++ and Python is created.
•Hardware design and implementation is already completed, but we do accept modifications if required.

System Requirements:
•The camera must identify multiple different objects. Object detection method is your own choice.
•The camera must retrieve point cloud data.
•The system must be able to calculate future robot poses.
•The system must be able to reach the location of the detected object.
•The system must be able to pick up the object.
•The system must be able to drop the object in its corresponding place.
•The system must be expandable and interchangeable, meaning that it is possible to use other objects than the predefined ones after a training process.

The goals of the assignment are:
•Learn about how we use our products to provide technological solutions (cobots, ToF Cameras and other related products) to our customers.
•Build and test an application as explained in the assignment above.
•Write technical documentation about the system.
Additionally, during the internship you might be creating technical media content together with us for our channels, like YouTube, Technical Newsletter.


• You are enrolled at a school during the whole duration of the internship.
• You are currently following a Bachelor program with strong knowledge and background in mechatronics or computer science.
• You have some basic knowledge of embedded software and communication protocol.
• Having some basic knowledge in PLC, HMI programming is a plus.
• You are enthusiastic about technological solutions in industrial automation.

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As an innovative and global company, you are offered a friendly working atmosphere and a constructive working environment leaving much room for new possibilities and ideas. Use this opportunity and show us your motivation

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