NYCU Internship Program – Field Application Engineer internship – CODESYS Robotics – Delta Electronics – Helmond

Delta Electronics

Job Description

At the start of the internship, you will be enlightened to identifying and mastering the tools and techniques of the products within the Delta electronics industrial automation products. After the initial training of the student as mentioned, the student will use Delta Robot Arm with CODESYS PLC to design a motion application that will test the robotic solution functions with CODESYS Robotics Library. To test Delta Robot Arm with CODESYS Robotics, there are two main parts. First needs to build hardware for it, wiring between robot arm, drives, controller and other accessories. Second, build software environment on CODESYS PLC AX-8 with CODESYS Robotics Library. The application should implement and test the various robotic functionalities available.

Here are key components of the assignment:

  • Delta SCARA Robot Arm => Main mechanical part, a SCARA robot with 4 joints.
  •  Delta ASD-A2 Servo Drive => Servo drives to control motors in the robot arm.
  • Delta CODESYS PLC AX-8 => Main controller of the system, based on CODESYS PLC.
  • Delta DOP-100 HMI => The interface for user to interact with the system.

Here are some tasks of the assignment:

  • Connection of Robotics System => Wiring all components, including power cable and communications.
  • Servo Drive Commissioning => Adjust servo drive parameters and settings to fit motors in the robot arm.
  • CODESYS PLC Programming => Use IEC 61131-3 programming languages to develop robot functionalities
  • HMI Programming => The interface for user to interact with the system.

In addition to the design of the application briefly describe above; you will additionally:

  • Learn the salient technological features inherent in Delta Motion, Drive and control Products and use Delta Robot and HMI to design the motion application specified above.
  • Perform functional testing/root cause analysis of products from the customers.
  • Participate in technical support for our customers when needed.

The goals of the assignment are:

  • Learn about how we use our products to provide technological solutions (HVAC, water, packaging solution, motion solution) to our customer
  • Build a robotic system application which test and demonstrates the functionalities embedded in Delta robotics system
  • Perform functional testing/root cause analysis, parametrization, debugging and tuning of Robot.
  • Perform assigned simple daily Field Engineer Application (FAE) tasks.


  • Pursuing a degree, relevant to the internship, such as Engineering or equivalent technical degree.
  • You have practical experience with design of hardware prototypes.
  • You have some basic knowledge of embedded software and communication protocol.
  • You possess basic knowledge in PLC and HMI programming.
  • You are an enthusiastic about technological solutions in industrial automation.

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