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Delta Electronics EMEA

Company Description

Delta Electronics offers automation products and solutions with high performance and reliability, including drives, motion control systems, industrial control and communication, power quality improvement, human machine interfaces, sensors, meters, and robot solutions. We also provide information monitoring and management systems such as SCADA and Industrial EMS for complete, smart manufacturing solutions. We are looking for an intern who is enthusiastic to learn and use the industrial automation products of Delta to build and test a field application solution suited for our customers’ needs, in motion control solutions for packaging.

Job Description

Design and Implementation Of Field Application Solution for Motion Control Technology in Packaging Application using Delta Drive, Motion and Control Products.

At the start of the internship, you will be enlightened to identifying and mastering the tools and techniques of the products within the Delta electronics industrial automation products. During this internship assignment period, you will design a motion control application that will use HMI to modify the cutting length of patterns printed on packing films. This application should be realized by making use of the PR, capture, and compare functions available within Delta motion controller & servo drive (ASDA-A2/B3) motion functions. The application should perform the following sequence of operations;

  • The Masking For some packing machines, there are always some patterns printed on the packing films. In this application the mark reading sensor should read and send out the right signal from the mark on the patterns printed packing films to the control drive.
  • The Mark Reading: The packing film material should be moved and be in alignment to the mark. The system has to smoothly move the packing film material with precision whether the mark on the material is read or not.
  • Integrated Motion Functions of Delta Servo Drive & Delta Motion  controller: The Capture, Compare, and PR command motion functions in Delta servo drive & Delta motion controller should handle this job.
  • In addition to the design of the application briefly describe above; you will also:

  • Learn the salient technological features inherent in Delta Motion, Drive and control Products and use Delta servo drive, Servomotor and HMI to design the application specified above.
  • Perform functional testing/root cause analysis of product from the customer.
  • Assist with technical support to our customer when necessary.
  • The  goals of the assignmen t are:

  • Learn about how we use our products to provide technological solutions (HVAC, water, packaging solution, motion solution) to our customers.
  • Build and test an application as explained in the assignment above.
  • Qualifications

  • You are enrolled at a school during the whole duration of the internship.
  • You are currently following a Bachelor program with strong knowledge and background in mechatronics.
  • You have practical experience with design of hardware prototypes.
  • You have some basic knowledge of embedded software and communication protocol.
  • You have some basic knowledge in PLC and HMI programming.
  • You are enthusiastic about technological solutions in industrial automation.
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