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Your mission

He, check this out: Join the Squad as our Ultimate Internal Account Ninja at Fineline QPI BV!

So here’s the lowdown: At Fineline QPI, we’re part of the epic Fineline Global Group – the heavyweight champ of PCB trading worldwide. With over 350 rockstar employees and serving clients in 50+ countries, we’re basically the Avengers of the circuit board universe. 

Your Mission:

As our Account Representative, you’ll be the VIP point person for our clients. You’ll team up with our crew to make sure our clients feel like royalty. From cooking up killer quotes to outsmarting the competition, you’ll keep the dialogue flowing and the growth growing. Plus, you’ll be all about building relationships that last longer than the latest TikTok trend.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also be the liaison with our factories in Asia and Europe, making sure everything runs smoother than butter on hot toast. 

Your profile

The Superpowers We’re Looking For:

You’ve got that commercial appearance 

  • You’re a champ at connecting with anyone
  • Quick on your feet? Check.
  • You can rock it solo like a boss.
  • Fluent in Dutch and English (at least as long as you can make jokes in both languages!).
  • Got wheels? Driver’s license required.
  • Ready to hit the road to visit clients? No sweat.

Why us?

Welcome to the Fineline Fam:

Picture this: You’ll be part of a global squad with offices all over the map. Our HQ’s in Helmond, where you’ll kick it with a crew so fresh they make the latest memes look stale. We’re all about teamwork, whether it’s serving up clients in BeNeLux, DACH, or Central East Europe.

And the perks? Oh, they’re sweeter than free Wi-Fi! We’re talking:

  • Fat paycheck? You got it.
  • 30 days of vacay? It’s like hitting the jackpot.
  • Bonus schemes? Customized just for you.
  • Work from home gear? We got your back.
  • Flexibility? As you never saw before.
  • Company phone? Ring, ring, it’s for you.
  • TGIF parties? Every week’s a celebration!
  • International shindigs? Pack your bags, we’re going places. 
  • Love cycling? We’ve got a plan for that. 
  • Snacks? We’ve got you covered every wednesday. 

Can you work with a computer and have this commercial view? The rest we can teach you! 

Ready to Join the Party? Holla at our recruiting team Judith Felsner and Steffie Verhagen.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join the Fineline fam and let’s make some serious waves in the PCB universe!  


About us

Fineline Global is a global leader in printed circuit board technology and supply chain solutions. With more than 10 offices around the world delivering 130 million circuits each year to more than 3,000 customers worldwide, Fineline has a lot to offer.
But even more than what we do, we’re proud of our people and their talent. As part of Fineline, you can enjoy the benefits of a large multinational company without sacrificing a familiar local atmosphere. For us, it’s important to invest in your personal development as well as your professional expertise!

With all our wonderful diversity, we find the “Fine Line” that binds us together and makes us who we are. Come to Fineline Global, we are waiting for you!

What is a PBC?

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